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Tim Garwood is a painter of intuition and spontaneity. Often gleaning materials from the streets and from his studio to construct paintings, the works are alive with a real and potent force. He paints on IKEA tablecloths, sacking, fragments of canvas on the floor, wood, lace, denim, shoelace, glass, exploring a visual language across paintings, drawings and mixed media works. Garwood tests each material’s ability and performance under the weight of studio debris and heavy swathes of paint. His abstraction is one of tactile immediacy, his vocabulary truthful and instantaneous, oscillating freely between suggestions of place, collective experience and association. His paintings constantly investigate the ways that colours exist in relation to each other, the weight and capability of his materials and the transformative capabilities and exploration of painting itself.

Tim Garwood (b, 1984, Surrey, UK) lives and works between London and Somerset

Tim Garwood, Aerial, 2022
Oil, Glitter, Spray Paint, Ink and Acrylic on Glass in Artist Specified Frame,
113 × 93 cm (44 ½ × 36 ½ in)