PV: 30.10.2023; 6-9 pm
Public Hours: 31.10.2023 - 17.12.2023

Unit 199, Borough Yards, London SE1 9PA
12-6 pm; Fri + Sat.

(Or by Appointment)
Zoë Argires
Hoa Dung Clerget
Athen Kardashian and Nina Mhach Durban
AP Nguyen
Zöe Tsoláki

Cornershop is pleased to present Beauty Tech Art Spa, a six-person collaborative exhibition featuring female artists Zoë Argires, Hoa Dung Clerget, artist duo Athen Kardashian and Nina Mhach Durban, AP Nguyen, and Zöe Tsoláki.

The group exhibition stems from a response to nail salons and wellness centres across London operating within smaller migrant communities. Accordingly, the artists respond to the conceptual nail bar with their own aesthetic and cultural influences; this may indeed invoke a literal nail bar (Clerget, in fact, has worked in nail bar as part of her research), but may also invoke perceived cultural expectations and loci of communal activity, such as the salon, as is the case in the work of Kardashian and Mhach Durban. In turn, Nguyen, Argires and Tsoláki leverage their own experiences to add to this discourse.

Stemming from Minor Attractions and Cornershop's initiative, the artists engage the Borough Yards location's infrastructure in order to build an immersive and engaging site-specific presentation. Having been curated collaboratively, the six artists have created their own sections within the gallery, running counter to many group shows while referencing the traditionally female environment of a beauty salon’s different stations. In Beauty Tech Art Spa the artists cultivate a context of their own in regard to femininity, self-care, adornment, and serenity.

It is Cornershop's intention that the exhibition is visited by varying communities, many of which may exist primarily outside of the art world. Invoking kitsch imagery, fountains, and light boxes, Beauty Tech Art Spa is an invitation for all visitors to enjoy the works and draw their own conclusions about how the space operates – positioning itself as an opportunity for open thinking and consideration, eluding unnecessary didacticism.